17 of the Most Unrealistic Sitcom Couples of All Time

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We all have our fave sitcom couples. The ones that are total #relationshipgoals and clearly meant to be together. But, if we’re being real, some of our favorite couples are also wildly mismatched. In reality, very few sitcom couples would actually be able to sustain a life together. Differences are natural in a relationship, but some of these couples take “opposites attract” to a new level! As much as we want to turn to TV relationships as a guide to real-life love, looking at these unrealistic sitcom couples actually means romanticizing some not-so-great relationships!

The devil is definitely in the details with some of these pairings! While they look compatible from the outside, when you get into the nitty-gritty of their love affair things tend to fall apart. Fundamental incapabilities are abundant and the number of people who undergo complete life changes for their crappy relationship on TV is insane! It’s not realistic, and it’s not okay! Yes, sure, TV couples aren’t “real,” but they do have an influence in the world. Therefore they wholly deserve to be called out for the bafflingly unrealistic sitcom couples that have cropped up!

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