20 US Shows That Were Originally Started Abroad

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American television is great. Across channels and streaming programs, shows are only getting better and better. It seems like production companies and major broadcast networks have got the pilot algorithm down these days as they’re making hit after hit. But some of these companies have figured out a secret to success that’s a little more of a shortcut and a little less of a spark of genius: adapting foreign shows. From The Office to Dancing With the Stars and every talent show you can think of in between, the US has been reimagining shows for years now,  sometimes earning way more acclaim and success than the originals did.

Is this a problematic idea? Maybe a little bit. It’s a little concerning that our TV producers might be running short on ideas of their own, continuously borrowing without a whole lot of upfront acknowledgment to their predecessors. Often times, we wouldn’t know our favorite shows weren’t originals without a little background research. But, at the same time, it’s hard not to be thankful for the creativity in these adaptations, and we’re definitely willing to dish out the gratitude now that we know. So to everyone in the UK, this is our thank you for a whole lot of quality pop culture and binging time. Without you, we’d never get to witness Kevin Malone spilling a full pot of chili. Check out the rest of the shows, and countries that gave them to us, we’re thankful for below. Here’s our list of 20 TV shows we love that were originally started abroad.

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