16 Valentine’s Day TV Episodes You Can Stream On Netflix

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Valentine's Day Episodes on Netflix Parks And Recreation "Galentine's Day"


You could do the traditional thing for Valentine’s Day and go out for a romantic (and overpriced) dinner. You could also get bae a heart-shaped box of chocolates and a stuffed toy. Or, you could do something more low key. Instead of braving the more commercial side of the holiday, you could sit back and enjoy Valentine’s Day TV episodes on Netflix. The last option is something that works whether you’re single, shacked up from cuffing season or in a “it’s complicated” situation.

Who doesn’t love Netflix and chill? It’s something that works for everybody, any time. It is particularly appealing for February 14th when there are themed Valentine’s Day TV episodes to watch. V-day movies are great and all, but sometimes television shows are forgotten about unless we happen to watch something currently on air. It’s time that changed and Netflix is the solution. Boot up your account and check out the best 16 Valentine’s Day TV episodes on Netflix.

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