18 TV Shows and Movies About Twins Switching Places

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There are certain plotlines in movies and on TV shows that are tried and true. Twins switching places is one of the most classic of them all. Sure, it may be a predictable premise, but who doesn’t love the wacky hijinks of identity-swapping shenanigans?! When twins — or, on occasion, strangers who look identical for some reason that is never explored — switch places, you know it’s going to be good.

Twins (and don’t forget inexplicably identical strangers) switch places for so many reasons that make us wish someone else had our face. It’s guaranteed to delight, but the best part is that the trope lends itself nicely to not only comedies, but dramatic thrillers, as well. Nothing like an edge-of-your-seat moment wondering if a swap will get discovered! Here are all the movies and TV shows that have fun with twins switching places!

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