16 Of The Most Underrated Episodes From 10 Seasons Of Friends

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Friends has proven to be an enduring show. Because it’s available to stream through Netflix, it’s has continued to create new fans long after its time on NBC ended in ’04. Like most long-running sitcoms, Friends has standout episodes that all fans think of fondly. There’s “The One Where No One’s Ready,” where the friends are preparing for a party, and everyone is taking forever. There’s “The One Where Ross Finds Out,” when Ross discovers that Rachel has feelings for him. They’re iconic and quotes from those eps can be recited by many.

These episodes are monumental, and they often involve the show operating at the height of its powers. What makes Friends a truly great show to binge, though, are all the great moments in between. This show aired 24 episodes a year for 10 years, and that means there’s a lot of great stuff to dive into. Once you dig past the episodes that everyone talks about, there are plenty of great gems to be found. Here are 16 underrated Friends episodes to make a part of your future binges.

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