17 Token Minority TV Characters Who Deserve More Credit

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We’ve come a long way in terms of diversity on TV, but there’s still a lot of progress to be made. Although it’s refreshing to see more minority actors take on bigger roles these days, there’s still a plethora of shows with all-white casts or only white leads. If we’re lucky enough to spot a person of color on these shows, they rarely ever get any screen time. And what’s even more problematic is the fact that many minority characters come off as shallow and perpetuate false stereotypes.

Thankfully, though, there are some “token” characters who stand out because they actually have enough depth and complexity to leave a lasting impression. Minority actors are usually hired as a quick fix for lack of diversity, but on screen, these guys make it quite clear that they’re not just another prop that’s trying to represent an entire ethnic group. Rather, they’re unique, relatable and compelling individuals, which is why some of them turned out to be even more memorable than their white counterparts. Still, they’re oftentimes totally underrated and their potential only scratches the surface.

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