20 Unexpected Main Character Deaths That Shocked Us

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Sometimes TV shows like to prove that they can do anything. This usually comes in the form of wild twists, big reveals, and, on occasion, shocking main character deaths. We’re not talking the typical “end of series” deaths or ones that we get prepared for in advance (RE: a sick main character or way too much foreshadowing). We’re talking about the crazy, unexpected demises of some of the biggest characters on television. These main character deaths are so shocking that we still can’t believe these series decided to take such a big risk!

With their main character deaths, each of these shows saw a reset. ~Everything~ changed! It’s a huge gamble for any series to make, but we’re especially impressed with the ballsy shows that killed off a main character in the first season! It’s undeniable, though, that this trope keeps people guessing. If shows are willing to kill one of their biggest draws, then what else will they do?! We love unpredictable television! Here are all the unexpected main character deaths that left us totally shook. Oh, and FYI — spoilers abound, so read at your own discretion!

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