Other Projects the Riverdale Cast is Working On Right Now

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Over the course of its three seasons, Riverdale has launched a slew of young actors. Although the show is far from over, the show’s actors have already begun searching for other projects to continue their work during the offseason of the show. For the most part, these projects involve work in movies, which is much less time-consuming than trying to film a second show concurrently with their culty hit. All the show’s actors aren’t likely to be the next Anne Hathaway, but some of them could be. In order to get there, though, they have to put in the work.

Even as the show’s young stars take on work, some of the show’s veterans are also taking on projects, although far less frequently. The entire cast is ridiculously talented, so it makes sense that they’re in high demand. The roles these stars take now could speak to what they’ll try to do when Riverdale ends. Of course, the show’s fans hope that ending is years and years in the future. Still, it’s good to have a plan laid out.

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