20 Shows & Movies Coming To Netflix In July

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Stranger Things

We’ve waited over a year and a half to be reunited with our favorite fictional ‘80s kids, and we’re stoked that Stranger Things is finally coming back on July 4th. That new trailer got us so hyped. Eleven closed the door to the Upside Down on Season 2, but apparently the monsters are still in Hawkins ready to wreak havoc. That release date can’t possibly come fast enough. Sorry, America, we’ll be too busy binge-watching Netflix to watch any fireworks or parades that day.

There’s no doubt we’ll have Stranger Things finished after about a day, so thankfully it’s not the only new thing coming to Netflix in July. The month will be jam packed with Netflix Original shows and movies, as well as some other favorites that aren’t originals. Here are 20 shows and movies coming to Netflix in July that we can’t wait to binge and give us good reason to stay in out of the summer heat.

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