I Tried Hum Nutrition’s Beauty ZzZz For A Week & I’m (Basically) A Morning Person Now

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I Tried Hum Nutrition s Beauty zzZz for a Week   I m  Basically  a Morning Person Now Beauty Bzzz png

HUM Nutrition

I’ll keep it real — I’ve never been a morning person. Just like my dad and his dad before him, I’m a night owl, through and through. It’s not uncommon to catch me typing away into the wee hours of 2 or 3 a.m., and there’s nothing I dread more than the nagging sound of the alarm clock, telling me it’s time to leave my cozy spot in my bed and start my day.

It’s not that I sleep poorly — quite the contrary. When I finally do crawl under the covers, I can usually fall asleep within 20 minutes. Once I’m there, however, I do. Not. Want. to Leave. Even on the nights I do (begrudgingly) hit the sack at a decent hour, pulling myself out of comfy blankets is a struggle that has never gone away for me. Sleep is one of my life’s great joys, and if I had my way, I’d luxuriate in my slumber as long as humanly possible.

So, needless to say, I was intrigued by Hum Nutrition’s Beauty zzZz, which promised to give me an even BETTER night’s sleep. Billed as “a nightcap without the hangover,” these little beauties are packed with 3mg of melatonin —the hormone that regulates wakefulness — vitamin B6, which can transform the amino acid tryptophan into serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate melatonin, and calcium, which helps the body produce melatonin. In short? It is, in theory, the perfect cocktail for the best night’s shut-eye you ever had.

But how well does it work? I decided to find out. For one week, I vowed to pop one of Hum’s sleep aids 20 minutes before bed each night, exactly as directed.

The Experiment

As someone who has never taken any type of sleep aid, I was admittedly a bit nervous (OK, semi-terrified) of what would happen once the supplement kicked in. Would I go comatose for the next 12 hours straight and sleep right through my alarm? Would I wake up groggy and out of it, wondering what the hell hit me?

On night one, I bravely popped the pill and waited for whatever might come.

20 minutes later, a funny, yet not entirely unfamiliar feeling overcame me: Much like the confusion I used to experience in college after pulling an all-nighter by chugging too much Red Bull and coffee, my head felt sluggish and groggy, and my eyes began to droop, but my heart was racing — like my body was fighting a losing battle for sleep.

“Here we go,” I thought, only mildly panicked as I closed my eyes and drifted off to dreamland.

As it turned out, however, I needn’t have worried. Several hours later, I was jolted awake by my cats, who decided it was the perfect night for chasing each other around the bed and knocking things over into the sink (don’t ask).

Basically, I was woken up once about every 20 minutes for the next three hours, pills be darned — a coma, this was not.

And yet … at 5:30 a.m. (the ungodly hour at which my overweight feline regularly demands that I feed him) I was wide awake, and I do mean WIDE awake. Once my eyes popped open, I was fully up and at ’em. Despite my lack of actual sleep, I was refreshed and ready to take on the world. What WAS this newfound feeling of wakefulness? And is this what morning people felt like EVERY DAY? Cause this was freaking awesome!

Still, I remained cautious, waiting for the inevitable crash that would occur once the pill wore off. But one never came! In fact, I made it all the way through to bedtime, when I took the pill again.

This time, that strange, groggy feeling eluded me. Instead, I simply fell asleep. With no interruptions to be had that evening, I awoke once more at 5:30 a.m., raring to go. Where I’d normally be cursing both my animals as well as Father Time himself be for denying me “5 more minutes” of snoozing I so desperately needed — nay, deserved! — I popped out up like Wonder Woman, awaiting whatever task life could throw at me.

And then … something happened. On the third night, I forgot to take the supplement. Immediately, I began to dread any side effects that might occur as a result of my forgetfulness. Namely, I feared that my body would have become used to the the boost I’d been getting from Hum and somehow render my own natural ability to create melatonin completely inept. Instead, this proved to be another win in the experiment: I simply fell asleep in my normal time frame … and awoke grumbling about it being morning already the next day.

The rest of the week carried on without incident, with my new routine bringing much of the same: take pill, fall asleep, wake up easily, feel great.

Final Observations

*The supplements are easy to take and, after an initial “getting used to” period, didn’t cause me any grogginess, haziness, or other worrisome dozing habits — if my phone rings or, God forbid, the fire alarm goes off, I’m still getting up!

*Personally, the vitamins didn’t seem to make me fall asleep any faster, per se — no unshakeable Sleeping Beauty-like haze here — but, as someone who’s never had a problem counting sheep, I can’t say that it wouldn’t help someone else who did have an issue hitting the hay.

*For me, these pills did not seem to induce any dependence or withdrawal symptoms after use — a fact which studies on melatonin would also seem to support.

*Beauty zzZz DID leave feeling rested, bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed, regardless of how much sleep I actually got. In fact, by the end of my little experience, I was convinced I had actually done it: I had cracked the code on how to become a morning person! Who knew that after all those years of setting my alarm 5 minutes earlier each day or vowing not to look at a screen an hour before bed, all that stood between my new life as an early bird getting that wriggly, wriggly worm was a $10 bottle of vitamins?

Conclusion? They are absolutely 100 percent worth it. And, with a new limited edition Hello Sunshine kit available at Sephora, which also includes the brand’s daytime supplement, Here Comes the Sun, for $20, it’s easier than ever to snag.

This morning person, for one, is utterly hooked … I just may skip a dose (or two!) on mornings I actually want to, ya know, sleep in.