Review: We’re Comparing The Trendiest Fitness Classes So You Don’t Have To Waste Your Money

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ClassPass has been playing with our hearts and minds for way too long. First, we could only go to a studio three times, but we put up with it because three SoulCycle classes are better than no SoulCycle classes at all. Then, they got rid of unlimited memberships and started charging extra for classes people actually wanted to go to. In March, they got rid of that three-visit studio limit, but so many studios have taken themselves off of the service, at this point, we might as well just ditch our ClassPass, commit to one studio, and buy a membership straight from the source. What we’re really trying to say is, we’re ready to stop playing the field and settle down. ClassPass has gotten so annoying that it’s made an honest woman out of us, but choosing just one workout to shell out ridiculous amounts of money on is a big commitment.

Luckily for all of you, we’re indecisive AF and have tried basically every brand-name studio available to us, so you can make an informed decision before you Say Yes To The Bench Press.

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