Why Doctors Are Refusing To Do Butt Lifts… And What It Means For The Kardashians!

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Life may be a lot flatter for Kim Kardashian and her sisters as a movement builds amongst the medical community to ban Brazilian Butt Lifts after more and more patients end up maimed, mangled… or even dead.

Once upon a time in the ’80s, big boobs were the THING. But now, cup sizes have taken a back seat to, well, backseats. Thanks to the curvy bodies of Kim Kardashian — and really, ALL the Kardashians at this point — big butts are the ultimate symbol of sexiness. So women (and even some men) of all shapes are buying into the dream that they, too, can have a derriere like Kim + co. with just a few thousand dollars and a few hours of surgery thanks to buttock augmentation, known as a Brazilian Butt Lift, which goes a little something like this: a doctor puts you under anesthesia and over the course of 90 minutes to two hours, they liposuction out fat from your midsection, back or thighs and inject it into your rump.

In theory, it’s a relatively simple procedure that should leave patients with the hourglass figure they’ve been after. American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that the procedure’s popularity jumped 26% from 2016 to 2017, thanks in no small part to the #Belfie trend and the celebs/influencers who love their own rear view.

“The result you achieve should be permanent [but] some of the fat initially placed will be absorbed and lost over the first few weeks after surgery,” says Orlando-based surgeon Dr. Armando Soto. “Whatever fat ‘takes’ and is present after the first month or 6 weeks is what you should get to keep.”

The fat that doesn’t stick around often leaves dimples and divots in the skin, sort of like cellulite. So, revision can be necessary — either by undergoing another procedure to add more fat or by using an injectable like Restalyne to fill in the dimples, which is less invasive and safer but very costly. And unfortunately, this may be the BEST case scenario.

Lea Cambridge, a 29-year-old British mom of three, died on a Turkish operating table this summer while undergoing a butt lift, and she’s hardly the first case. This summer, a Miami doctor named James McAdoo was hit with a formal malpractice complaint from the Florida Department of Health after his patient, 29-year-old Heather Meadows, died after a butt lift. Dr. McAdoo allegedly injected the fat he took from her body into her deep glutteal vein. That caused the fat to hit her circulatory system and travel to her lungs and heart, which caused her organs to fail.

Weirdly, BBLs seem to be the only procedure he does. Most plastic surgeons do noses, boobs, lipo, and a variety of other surgeries. Turns out, he’s not actually a board-certified plastic surgeon, and likely took a one-day class to learn how to do BBLs. That’s… not good. We’ve said it once and will say it again: ALWAYS make sure your doctors are board certified, people! Indeed, another patient of Dr. McAdoo said she had a bad feeling (to put it mildly) when she saw him for a butt lift.

“Everybody was rushed in and out. It was like a chop shop. You go into a room, they push you out and another girl is rolled in,” recounted 36-year-old Fallon, adding that the operating room looked more like a horror movie than a sterile surgical theater.

“There were bloodstained bandages under the operating table, and blood spattered on the walls,” she shuddered.

She went ahead with the butt lift but regretted it, ending up with not only deep indentations in her stomach, scars around her waistline and uneven bulges in her hips, but an antibiotic-resistant MRSA infection too. While Dr. McAdoo clearly had some red flags, even the most well-trained doctors are starting to agree that butt lifts aren’t worth the risk.

Dr. Lara Devgan, a renown NYC-based, board-certified plastic surgeon (who some say is responsible for half the flawless faces you see at the Met Gala!) has stopped doing BBLs altogether.

“Brazilian Butt Lifts are the single most dangerous procedure in plastic surgery, with a death rate of 1 in 3000,” warned Dr. Devgan. “I stopped performing BBLs as a result of these recent mortality studies. My field set up a safety task force to investigate.”

Instead, Dr. Devgan is using injectables to achieve better bums, and honestly, they look just as good:

While this is good news for anyone who doesn’t, ya know, want to die in pursuit of a bigger butt, it may be a splash of cold water for the Kardashians.

Kim infamously underwent an X-ray to prove that her butt was real… but many fans (me) pointed out that just because she doesn’t have implants doesn’t mean a skilled doctor hasn’t helped her rump along. Anyone with eyes can see that Kim’s ever-expanding fanny isn’t the result of squats but likely fat transfers, ditto with Kylie’s kurvy rear.

Given that top-notch surgeons like Dr. Devgan (who is rumored to beautify members of the famous fam) are refusing to do the procedure, will Kim’s backside see some serious shrinkage and will that, in turn, lead to the end of the butt boom?

Honestly, it’s pretty unlikely. Butts are popular outside of whatever the Kardashian’s decide, and my fear is that people will just find ways to get the procedure done with doctors who are willing to take the risks. One doc, in particular, Dr. Alexander Aslani in Marbella, Spain, shows no signs of slowing down. He seems to be the go-to guy for U.K. reality stars like Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry, whose outrageous (and, according to her, proudly fake) figure is all down to his scalpel.

Do you think it’s up to the patient to weigh the risks of surgery or should doctors be cutting back on a surgery with such potentially serious side effects? Do you think a BBL bust will have an effect on the Kardashian’s and their kurves? Only time will tell!

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