Kendall Jenner Fans Think She Has An Eating Disorder After ‘Concerning’ Instagram Post

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Kendall Jenner fans think the supermodel looks “too skinny” in a recent Instagram video she posted to show off her “wingspan.” In the selfie video, Kendall is wearing all black and shows how high her arm goes and how wide — showing off a super slender ‘wing.’ Though some are arguing that Kendall’s always been thin, at least as long as we’ve watched her on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, others have argued that’s what people used to say about Taylor Swift, who recently came out about struggling with an eating disorder during her 1989 era — you know, when she was hanging out with a bunch of models like Gigi Hadid.

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Big sis, Khloe Kardashian commented, writing, “We get it- you’re perfect,” but others responded to Khloe slamming her for promoting unhealthy societal norms and even accusing Kendall of doing drugs and being anorexic.

“[P]lease don’t condone being underweight. This is an unhealthy beauty standard,” one commenter wrote. Another said, “She’s not […] she too damn skinny needs to eat something call[ed] food. Does she even know what food is?”

Kendall Jenner anorexic Instagram comments skinny shaming

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More chimed in with words like, “far from perfect, don’t praise an o Rex ic [sic] looks,” “are u for real she needs to eat something. OMG…???” and “with cocain [sic] is easy to be that [thin]… What a sic[k] world.”

“She doesn’t look well actually,” one fan wrote. “I’ve never seen Kendall so thin. She must not be eating a thing.”

Kendall’s “body check” Instagram even got attention on Twitter with a poll amassing almost 400 votes on “Do you think Kendall Jenner as an ed??” Generally, “ed” stands for “eating disorder.” The pictures have begun spreading on “ED Twitter,” thinking that Kendall’s “one of [them].”

It’s super harmful for Khloe to be praising her body as “perfect,” especially if she is struggling with body image or disordered eating. But internet speculation isn’t helping her, either, if that’s the case.

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