Lili Reinhart Admits Worsening Depression During Coronavirus Isolation

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Lili Reinhart Admits Worsening Depression During Coronavirus Isolation lili reinhart png

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Riverdale stopped filming during the COVID-19 pandemic which means lead actress Lili Reinhart, like the rest of us, is social distancing in hopes to slow the spread of the new Coronavirus and “flatten the curve” of the transmission of this fatal disease. While staying inside is the right thing to do, it’s by no means easy — and even those self-professed homebodies and couch potatoes are struggling as certain cities worldwide go under lockdown. But what’s not being discussed as much as it should is the effects of social distancing and self-isolation on your mental health and how those with mental illnesses can feel their depression triggered by being in the house with basically nothing to do.

The Hustlers actress says she’s “right there with [us],” and discussed how she’s coping with worsening depression during this time.

“To those out there who feel their depression worsening because of what’s happening, I’m right there with you,” she wrote in a tweet. “What can we do to make this better? I find that listening to music and drawing/painting is calming.”

In the replies, Lili’s fans shared what they do to feel better during this in time, with suggestions like reading and watching movies, TikTok, and FaceTiming with friends. But even with all these things to do inside, a lot of people are feeling so alone without the physical connections they’re used to. But this is what we have to do to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Apart from the Riverdale changes due to Coronavirus, Lili also announced a few days ago that her book of poetry, Swimming Lessons, which was supposed to come out May 5th, has had its release date pushed to the fall.