What Does Your Sign Really Mean? Breaking Down Astrology From Your Sun Sign All The Way To Your Venus

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Co-Star Astrology is awesome. The iOS app uses your birth date and time to create your star chart and reaffirm your decision to get back together with your boyfriend even though he’s emotionally unavailable. His Venus is in Aries, he just can’t help it! As fun as it is to blindly compare charts with your best friends and the girl that lives down the hall from you, the natal chart goes super far into your astrological profile and most of us don’t even really understand our Sun sign, let alone our Pluto. It’s not a planet anymore, but it definitely rules your fourth house, Scorpio.

There are references to astrology in some of the earliest written texts and has been used by Indo-Europeans to justify bad decision-making since the third millennium B.C.E. so it deserves our respect. We all know our “sign” (that’s your Sun, BTW), but if you’re a Sagittarius who’s always felt like a Libra or a Pisces and just want to know why you’re crying all the time, a deep dive into your chart and what it really means might be the cosmic solution to all of your problems.

Your sun sign

We’re aren’t going to go *deep* into all the Sun meanings because as a human person in the twenty-first century, you should know that being a Sagittarius means you run away from anything that’s difficult but love to travel and Geminis are untrustworthy geniuses. Your Sun gets into your core identity and your role in life. However, each planet exists in one of the twelve houses, with every house representing one of the signs, and that planet will be energized by its house’s characteristics. If your Sun is in the first house, you’re more likely to have a large focus on first impressions, identity, and appearances. Your second house is ruled by possessions, work, and your priorities, while the third leans more heavily on social activity and the mind. The fourth is for family, fifth for love, sixth for fitness, and seventh for relationships. The eighth house merges intimacy and finances, the ninth is for ethics, travel, learning, and wisdom, while the tenth is a strong male presence of fame, reputation, and career. Eleventh is hopes, wishes, the future, and social awareness, and the twelfth is the spiritualism of the afterlife and beliefs. Man Repeller explains that each part of your chart is affected by the house it lies in, so one Virgo could express herself in a very different way than another Virgo if her Sun is in its fifth house and her counterpart’s is in its eleventh.

Your rising sign

If your Sun is the inner core of your being, your Ascendant (or “Rising”) is your outward mask. This is one of the signs where your birth time really matters because it changes every two hours, so if it doesn’t make any sense, your mom for sure forgot what time you were born and is lying to you. Try not to take it too personally. Your Ascendant is your first impression, so if your Ascendant is in Capricorn, people will think you’re serious, rational, and opportunistic, like the hard-working Capricorn suns. If your rising is in Cancer, you’ll seem genuine and warm on first meeting even if your Sun is in Scorpio (and we all know what that means, psycho). Your rising is also directly correlated with your ruling planet. The planet that’s associated with your Ascendant has the largest effect on you, so basically if you’re a Gemini you’re f*cked because your associated planet is in Mercury and that sh*t’s in retrograde all the time.

Your Moon

The next sign, your Moon, controls your feelings. While the Sun is who you are, the Moon is how you ~feel~. If your Moon is in the first house, which you’ll remember is all about self-image, the presentation of your feelings might be even more present in your personality than your Sun or your Rising. But really, the house your Moon resides in will dictate where you feel safe and why.

Mercury, Venus, & Compatibility

While Sun, Ascendant, and Moon are the Big Three of most readings, there are eight other planets making you totally nuts on a daily basis. Mercury, the planet of the mind, rules your communication and how you learn. Compatible signs (which we should all know based on Sun compatibility breakdowns in Cosmo and Googling whether your crush is going to fall in love with you just because you’re a Leo) will think and communicate in similar ways, while others will have a harder time understanding each other. Yes, that was ripped basically directly off of the Co-Star app but there’s really not much more to it here. Your Venus is how and who you love, while your Mars is how and who you should have sex with because gender stereotypes have existed since the dawn of language. Your house determines how you express your love in Venus and where you direct all of that pent-up anger and sexual energy in Mars.

Jupiter & Saturn

Now that we’ve talked about sex, relationships, and communication, which is what we mostly care about with astrology anyway (gassing us up to make bad decisions and justifying our horrible personality traits), we’re onto the two social planets, Jupiter and Saturn. The first one, Jupiter, is the fun one. Jupiter rules that happy part of your brain that thinks everything is going to be okay, while Saturn is a huge bummer and revolves around your fears, limits, responsibilities, and self-discipline. So, basically, Saturn is everything we’re actively trying to ignore from 5PM Friday to 9AM Monday and Jupiter is the freakin’ weekend, baby! If your Saturn is in a certain house, that’s what you’re afraid of, so clearly there’s a hidden thirteenth house that’s just about home invasions and spiders. Your Jupiter’s house is where you find success, and surprisingly there’s no option for “you’re going to be a huge failure,” so there’s cosmic hope for all of us.

Uranus, Neptune, & Pluto

These are the final two houses that are all about you, so they’re the last ones that *really* matter. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto stick around for a whiiiiile, so you and your friends probs all have the same one unless all of your friends are in their mid-forties except you. Uranus stays in the same sign for seven years and is about rebellion and progress. Remember Woodstock? Punk Rock? One Direction? Yeah, all of those things have Uranus to blame. Neptune is around for fourteen years and rules your dreams and your inspiration. Baby boomers were inspired by massive amounts of LSD, millennials are inspired by trying to fix all the sh*t our parents got us into. That’s how it works, right? The final house is Pluto, which sticks around for thirty years. It’s about intensity, power, obsession, control, and everything else Kanye West raps about. While these generational signs are the same for large chunks of people, it can appear in different houses for different people and manifest itself in (you guessed it) different ways.

Leaning too heavily into your Sun is an easy way to fundamentally misinterpret your own feelings, instincts, and intuition. Your natal chart is hard to read on its own, especially if you start delving into elemental signs (like those “twin fire signs” Taylor Swift sang about in “All Too Well,” shout out to my Sagittarius sister), which houses are given the most weight (first, fourth, seventh, and tenth, BTW), and the myriad of ways a chart could be interpreted. The Barnum Effect is strong with this one, but if science can be super cute and all about talking about myself, then I’m all for it.

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