20 Things You Should Prepare For While Mercury Is In Retrograde

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We all know to blame Mercury retrograde when we’re feeling icky for no real reason. After your period, it’s the second most believable way to shed accountability for your sh*tty behavior with impunity, but it’s also a very real phenomenon that could be messing with your life. The planet Mercury rules expression and communication, and it affects through processes, data encoding, and for some reason, the USPS. When Mercury is in retrograde, it appears to be moving backward, sending your ability to communicate into a tailspin your life may never recover from. JK, but it can seriously make things suck for the three weeks the planet’s motion is wonky, which happens three or four times every year. Every planet goes into retrograde and majorly f*cks your sh*t up at some point, but most other major planets like Venus only retrograde every couple of years.

Mercury retrograde prevents forward motion, but it can be a surprisingly healthy time to reflect on the areas it has affected and process the past, so long as you don’t try to force new things into happening. Researchers with Country Living Magazine found that Mercury retrograde can lead to fallings out with your friends, misunderstandings, travel disruptions, emails never being sent, and generally “other misfortune,” so proper preparation is key. We’ve found twenty things you should prepare for during Mercury’s retrograde to minimize your L’s and maximize your W’s.

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