Understanding Your Astrological North and South Nodes

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Understanding Your Astrological North and South Nodes

Noah Silliman

Everyone knows their astrological Sun sign and the (generally true) stereotype that goes along with it. Virgos are perfectionists, Leos are the center of attention, and Pisces cry a lot. Maybe you also know your Moon and Rising signs, and if you’re a Co-Star fiend like me, your Venus and Mercury and all the other planets as well. If you’ve never really resonated with your Sun sign, that’s likely due to different placements in your natal chart that have more of an effect on you. However, a full natal chart goes deeper than just planets. One aspect in particular it’s important to look at is your North and South Nodes. Understanding your astrological North and South Nodes (or lunar nodes) can be extremely helpful in determining your life path and how it’s being affected by astrology.

Obviously these nodes aren’t planets, so what exactly are they? According to AstroStyle.com, “The lunar nodes are determined by the points where the moon’s orbit crosses the ‘ecliptic’ — the apparent path the Sun makes around the earth.” To be clear, we know the sun does not orbit the earth, but the ecliptic is the imaginary line where the sun’s path appears to be from our perspective on earth.

North and South Nodes are always opposite signs, six signs away from each other. For example, if your North Node (sometimes called True Node) is in Virgo, your South Node is in Pisces. If your North Node is in Leo, your South Node is in Aquarius.

“The South Node represents energies that we developed in past lives that might be overused, traits that are easy for us to fall back on, innate skills, past life contracts with other souls and traumas,” explains astrologer Malorine Mathurin, who is currently teaching a Level 1 Astrology course at spiritual healing center Minka Brooklyn. “These inevitably hold us back from fulfilling our true life destiny—our North Nodes. In essence, as we move towards our North Node, we don’t want to leave behind our South Node completely. The long-term plan is to combine them both.”

They’re basically opposing energies you have in your life that you will eventually learn to use together to your advantage. You start in your South Node energy and move toward your North Node energy, discarding the negative aspects of the South Node in favor of more positive aspects from your North Node while maintaining what benefits you. For example, if your South Node is in Pisces and your North Node is in Virgo, you may really hate organizing right now, but you’ll eventually find that some organizational skills can greatly benefit your life.

“The North Node represents a new path for our soul to take. It is often uncomfortable and we can resist stepping into this energy until we hit the ages 30, 40, or 50 for some people,” Malorine says.

The energy you’re moving into is literally the opposite of what you’re used to, so it’s not hard to believe that it’s an uncomfortable transition.

“Someone with a South Node in Gemini and a North Node in Sagittarius is temporarily leaving behind ‘information overload’ and instead becoming the master of a few subjects or ideas with that Sagittarian laser-like arrow,” says Malorine. “You are moving past gossip, mental manipulation, a lack of faith, and embracing more of a philosophical, faith-based, higher learning approach to life.”

Understanding your astrological North and South Nodes

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In addition to the zodiac sign associated with your Nodes, it’s also important to look at the houses they reside in. There are twelve astrological houses, like the twelve astrological signs. Each house deals with a different aspect of life, such as career, relationships, and family. Like the signs, your North and South Node are always in opposite houses, six houses apart. So if your South Node is in the 7th House, which deals with relationships, your North Node would be in your 1st House, which deals with identity. That tells you you should focus less on other people and more on yourself.

“This same Sagittarian North Node in the 4th house would mean that this person would focus on home, the mother, maternal energies in a Sagittarian way, so they might start a cooking show, and share their lifelong array of recipes with an audience,” says Malorine. “A Sagittarian North Node in the 5th house means that this person is using that expansive energy in a creative way, and possibly with children or on stage.”

Understanding your astrological Nodes can give you a pretty clear picture of your life path. Knowing which zodiac energy and aspect of your life you should be moving toward can give you focus and purpose, and help you determine if you’re on the right path or should start making some changes to better your life.

Obviously you already know Co-Star won’t tell you where your Nodes are, but there are other apps and websites that will, such as Cafe Astrology or Astro Codex. Of course, it’s hard to tell much about your full natal chart without the help of a professional astrologer like Malorine, but now you have a better idea of what your lunar nodes are trying to tell you.

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