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Ask An Expert: How to Make Your Summer Fling Last

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Your current romantic situation started out as something casual for the summer, but now you’re wondering how to make your summer fling last and the weather gets crisper and summer turns into autumn. Does the scenario sound familiar? It happens. One minute we’re enjoying the single life in the hot weather, the next we meet someone special. Maybe bae slid into your DMs or perhaps you met him/her offline. Things have been going great and you’re hoping they will continue.

First of all, congratulations. It can sometimes feel like a monumental effort to find a decent partner and it sounds like you’ve got something good going on. (#TheStruggleIsReal) If you are smitten with your current situation and are looking to take it to the next level, we have some tips. We know that it can sometimes be scary to talk about the state of your relationship when feelings are involved. And we know that it can be a challenge when you’re opening up about wanting something different than you initially discussed. We spoke to an expert to find out how to make your summer fling last beyond Labor Day.

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