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Ask An Expert: How to Make Your Summer Fling Last

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Have The Talk

Do you wait and see how things go or do you big up and have the conversation about the future with your partner? It’s a dilemma a lot of people having summer flings will debate about. Newman suggests the second option to avoid disappointment later on. She says that with any relationship, you should have a conversation about getting serious a couple of months into dating. For summer flings, that usually coincides with the end of summer. We know that talking about the future can be scary, but it’s better to see how in sync both of your expectations are now rather than later. Trust us. Newman provides this example: “If one person wants to extend the fling through cuffing season but you want a serious relationship, you might find out about the disparity the hard way after a few more months when they are not interested in coming to your office holiday party as your plus-one.”

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