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Ask An Expert: How to Make Your Summer Fling Last

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Relationship Checklist


Do you have a checklist (in your head or written) of things you’re looking for in an ideal partner? Newman says it can be helpful to seek a partner with whom you have shared values. Things like temperament, views on money, family norms, religion, children, geographic preference, sexual rhythm, politics, travel habits, and professional goals tend to be good predictors of the success of a committed relationship. So, how many link up with you and bae? Newman reveals that shared interests are important, but it is likely that they will not compensate for large deficits in other areas. So, keep that in mind. Also, a lot of relationships can work through a couple of disparities in values. (“We don’t want to be with a clone, after all!”)

And figure out what things are non-negotiable for you. Problems in those values will arise again and again in the relationship. So, consider them before you’re looking to extend a summer fling into something serious.

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