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The 16 Too-Real Stages of Moving in With Your S/O

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One of the biggest steps you can take in a relationship is moving in together. You let go of all your private space because you love this person so much you want them to be your roommate. Which is pretty much the pinnacle of love because everyone knows roommates are the worst 99% of the time. Like most things, even when moving in together seems so ~perfect~, it doesn’t stay that way forever. There are many stages, full of good and bad moments, that every couple goes through in the first few months of living together.

PSA: you won’t be the couple that never fights. You won’t be the couple that cleans everything meticulously every day or always has dishes clean. There will be compromise, arguments, and of course, a whole lot of fun with the person you love. Some things are just so common and concrete that it’s assured that every couple is going to go through them. Like the stages of getting a place together and meshing your lives. Here are the too real stages of moving in with your significant other!

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