10 Yoga Poses To Avoid If You Have Back Pain

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Yoga Poses To Avoid Back Pain Featured


Let’s talk about contraindications. If you’re a hard-core yogi (or, you know, an actual medical professional), you’re probably familiar with the term, which refers to things you definitely shouldn’t do if you’re suffering from certain issues because it will make those issues worse. It’s like how if you have brittle bones, drinking milk might be a good idea, but if you’re lactose intolerant, it would be contraindicated. These are the most common vinyasa yoga poses contraindicated for people with back pain, and a couple of modifications to make sure your practice does more good than harm. Ahimsa, b*tches!

And just FYI, yoga instructors aren’t doctors. I may be 200HR trained, but I didn’t go to medical school — any serious issues or concerns should be taken to your doctor before you start tackling your fitness goals.

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