Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart & KJ Apa Troll Fans About A Cole Spouse Breakup

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Leave it to the Riverdale cast to hilariously troll fans into believing that one of our favorite real-life ships is in trouble. Are they trying to kill us? Lili Reinhart and KJ Apa thought it would be funny to make a joke on Instagram implying that Lili and Cole Sprouse have called it quits. Considering #Sprousehart refuses to officially confirm their relationship status themselves, Lili isn’t afraid to poke fun at her romance – even if that means sending fans into a tailspin.

Here’s how the trolling all went down: Camila Mendes posted an adorable pic of herself and a few castmates, including Cole and Charles Melton, on a boat on Labor Day (FYI Camila and Charles are totally cuddling up to one another in the photo, but we’ll get to that later).

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KJ, who never seems to waste an opportunity to troll his co-stars, was noticeably absent from the photo, but he made his presence known in the comments section where he stirred up some drama. “Omg…” he wrote. “Cole’s not sitting next to Lili.” Then, Lili responded, “they must’ve broken up,” alongside a magnifying glass and sneaky eyes to add to the suspense.

The actress’s TV mom Mädchen Amick also made an appearance in the comments to troll both KJ and Lili right back, writing, “Oh stop trying to break the internet.”

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Seriously… not cool, guys. Quit playing with our hearts like that. Just for the record, no, Cole and Lili have not broken up. Lili wasn’t on the trip because she went home to visit her family in North Carolina during her time off from filming Riverdale. We know this because she posted a few snaps on her IG, including a shot with her adorable niece that her boyfriend Cole liked.

So KJ and Lili are just goofing around and making fun of people who scrutinize Lili and Cole’s relationship.

So back to the photo in question, Camila and Charles are looking quite cozy. Are we just trying to make something out of nothing? Probably, but we’re not the only ones who noticed. Fans quickly flooded the comments section with hearts and questions regarding their friendship – which has definitely gotten closer in the past few months.

However, before we jump to any romantic conclusions, let’s keep in mind that the whole Riverdale cast is close. That doesn’t mean we can’t keep a close eye on what they post of one another though… After all, Camila is newly-single and there are rumors that her character Veronica and Charles’s character Reggie will get close while Archie is in jail in during season three of the show.

So there you have it, Lili and Cole are still very much together and there’s a new real-life (even though it’s probably not romantic) ship that fans are quickly falling in love with.

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