QUIZ: Which ‘A’ From Pretty Little Liars Is Your Alter Ego?

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The girls of Pretty Little Liars could’ve never guessed that their lives would become a living nightmare after the disappearance of their friend, Alison. Just a year after her presumed death, the mysterious “A” emerged and began to torment the girls. Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily were constantly threatened and it wound up putting a huge strain on their friendship. But of course, it wasn’t just one person who was responsible for the damage.

After the first A was revealed to be Mona, it was like a revolving door of new “A’s” were brought in to continue her legacy. Cece Drake rose to the occasion after Mona’s secret got out. Then Spencer’s twin, Alex Drake, took her place before all three villains co-founded the “A-Team.” These guys were so cold-hearted and ruthless in their attempt to destroy the liars, but if we all had an evil alter ego, we get the feeling that they’d be a lot like one of the original “A’s.” Take the quiz to see which PLL villain would be your evil doppelgänger.

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