QUIZ: Which Book Should You Read Next Based On Your CW Preferences?

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The CW

The CW basically created the best television subgenre: trashy teen soaps. 90210, Gossip Girl, Riverdale, and The Vampire Diaries all came into our lives because somewhere someone realized that all teens and twentysomethings want to watch are ridiculously attractive people with supernatural powers falling in love with each other, usually in high school. And, yes, we are counting obscene wealth as a supernatural power.

Meanwhile, the New Adult subgenre in books meant for teens and twentysomethings is severely lacking. Honestly, let’s just call it what it is: soft porn. This is not what we’re looking for people! If we wanted soft porn we would just log into our old fanfiction accounts on incognito mode. All we want is a book that feels like a CW television show, so here’s a quiz to give you book recommendations across all genres based on what you love the most about our favorite television network.

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