QUIZ: Which Good Trouble Character Are You?

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Though The Fosters will always be a classic to us, we’ve already taken a huge liking to the show’s edgier and fun little sister, Good Trouble. The spin-off has been following Mariana and Callie, who quickly learn that there’s a lot more to adulting than moving out of your parents’ home. But while it’s been a bit of a struggle for them to adjust (especially with their jobs and complicated love lives), they were never really alone. Aside from getting constant support from their moms, Callie and Mariana have been forming some amazing new friendships, which, thankfully, made their experience a little less stressful.

We’ve def identified with a few of the characters on several occasions, but have you ever thought about which of them you are most like? Maybe you’re sassy and straightforward like Mariana. Or maybe you’re more laid-back and down-to-Earth Alice. Take the quiz to see which character you are!

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