QUIZ: Try To Survive A Day In Greendale & We’ll Tell You What CAOS Character You Are

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Survive A Day In Greendale


Witch, warlock, demon, human, whatever you are, it’s hard out there in Greendale. Even the most powerful magic creature could find themselves on the wrong side of a spell, and the apocalypse is probably imminent. What’s a girl/boy/undead demon cat to do? One misstep, and you better hope that you end up in the Spellman’s magical graveyard. Sabrina Spellman, Harvey Kinkle, Prudence Knight, and Ambrose Spellman have all managed to make it through unscathed, thanks to a little bit of dumb luck and a little bit of skill. How do you think you would fare? Take this quiz to see if you can survive a day in Greendale, and we’ll tell you which Chilling Adventures of Sabrina character you are.

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