QUIZ: Which The Goldbergs Character Are You?

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the goldbergs quiz


We love the ’80s. The big hair, the neon clothes, the genuine belief that Duran Duran would have staying power. It was a magical time. Maybe that’s why we love The Goldbergs so much. They’re just your typical American family (something else that really exists only in the past), living life day by day during one of the most iconic decades in U.S. history. We all see ourselves in one of the Goldbergs, whether its the eccentric grandfather, the hip daughter, the overachieving middle child, or one of the many, many other members of the family. Take this quiz to find out who you’d be in 1980-something! Spoiler Alert: This quiz doesn’t include the real GOAT, Lucky the dog. None of us are worthy.

[wpViralQuiz id=766699]

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