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Beyoncé Proves The Menswear Section Is Where It’s At

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Beyonce wearing menswear look dries van noten



Get in formation fashionistas because Beyoncé is leading us towards a much freer way of shopping and dressing this 2019. Menswear, anyone?! The Queen is good for disappearing on social media for agonizing lengths of time, then returning with looks that inspire us to have a ball with fashion.

This January, ‘Yonce treated us to runway looks from Marques Almeida, Sacai, Alexander Wang and Maria Escoté. Translation: We’re adding more matching sets, ruffles and standout embellished pieces to our wardrobes, STAT. Still, the style takeaway we are most excited to get behind is her pulling from the menswear section and proving that fashion really is genderless.

In the pop star’s recent photo series, she’s wearing a vibrant, retro style set from Dries Van Noten’s Spring 2019 menswear collection. Sigh. Bey has us clicking our heels together and repeating, “There’s no season like spring.” Can it warm up outside already?

beyonce wearing dries van noten menswear



Not only are we digging a set that takes the guesswork out of getting dressed for the day, but we are also so down to expand our style search to the menswear section of our favorite stores. Now more than ever, people are finding freedom in gender fluidity, renouncing confining pronouns and stepping out of gender boxes in every area of their lives. Even those who do identify with the gender they were assigned at birth can find it exciting to step out of the box (and out of the women’s department) to be a little more playful with their style.

An increase in unisex clothing lines also makes that an easier process, but we should also feel comfortable wearing clothes clearly designed for the opposite sex if that’s what we really want. We’re down to step over that imaginary line drawn between the gendered sections. If the bomber or trench or joggers or jewelry looks cool to us, then where it’s located in the store doesn’t matter anyway, right?

Seriously, the men’s section is a treasure trove of good finds that you should take advantage of more often. After all, have you not noticed the overpopulation of crop tops displayed at Forever 21 in the dead of winter? The store all but begs you to take the road less traveled just to find a shirt that’s long enough to keep your belly button from hosting icicles. So go ‘head and turn a fruitless shopping trip into a fruitful one by simply shopping the entire store.

Beyoncé in that Dries Van Noten number is all the encouragement you need to expand your shopping options by trying the other side, but there’s even more style inspiration in the menswear pieces ahead.



black and white plaid trench coat


Trust us. If you visit no other section on the men’s side of the store, then you should make browsing through the outerwear your first priority. Men’s outerwear tends to have a silhouette that fits women more loosely. Grabbing a men’s coat or jacket is also great if you are tall (raises hand) and have trouble finding outerwear with sleeves or hemlines that are long enough to fit you comfortably when the winter winds are at all all-time high.

This New County Longline Overcoat In Grey Check from ASOS is a sleek, minimal and timeless design that makes a style statement — at 99 bucks, it’s so worth it. Dress down with a sweatsuit and sneakers or throw it on top of a little black dress. Either way, this coat slays.



aaliyah long sleeve sweatshirt in white and black from forever 21

Forever 21


If you ever get bored with graphic T-shirts in your section at Forever 21, then the retailer often does a pretty great job of putting an exact or alternate version within the men’s racks, especially with its nostalgic collections. We absolutely adore this long-sleeved Aaliyah Graphic Tee ($25) with a throwback photo of the late ’90s singer.



Neon Graphic T-shirt from fashion nova

Fashion Nova

Don’t sleep on the Fashion Nova men’s section because the brand has mastered the art of hopping on top of trends and churning them out quickly. If you want to jump on the neon wave, then this lime green Out of This World LS Top ($25) is actually unisex so sizes for men and women are available. That’s baller.



asos skinny jogger sweatpants in black


The best part about these ASOS DESIGN Super Skinny Sweatpants ($29) is that they come in regular and plus sizes, which is where many fast fashion retailers are still lacking. These joggers range from XXS to XXL, which gives much more freedom for sizing up or down to our fancy.

Now who’s ready to shop with the boys and Beyoncé?! I know I am!

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