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15 Celebrity-Inspired Bikinis That You Can Get for a Fraction of the Cost

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Contrary to popular belief, swimsuit season is an event that takes place year-round. Whether you’re shopping for beachwear in the midst of summer’s hottest days or looking for that perfect suit to pack away for a winter retreat, you’re bound to find yourself seeking out a bikini, one-piece, or monokini at some point or another.

But finding the right one can be like finding a needle in a proverbial fashion haystack. There’s just so many elements to consider, from the style, to the cut, to the print … and, of course, there’s the little matter of the price. For such a small piece of fabric, swim apparel can get expensive, fast — a fact that’s especially true when we’re talking designer goods like you’d see on your fave celebs, such as Kylie Jenner, Katharine McPhee, and Sofia Richie.

In many cases, however, it’s easy to get the look for less — if you know where to look. And, just to prove it, we’ve gone ahead and rustled up 15 star-worthy swimsuits you can nab at a fraction of the cost of the real deal (and, in some cases, the real deal).

What are you waiting for? Read on to find the bathing suit of your dreams!

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