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20 Offensive Celebrity Halloween Costumes You Should Never Copy

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I think we can all agree that cancel culture is ineffective at best. Celebrities faced with legitimate, concerning allegations are usually able to sneak back into public favor after a month or two of laying low followed by a creeping return to public life: Louis C.K. got a standing ovation at a Brooklyn comedy festival in June 2019 less than two years after being accused of sexual misconduct (and later mocking Parkland shooting survivors). Chris Brown won a Grammy a year after skipping the awards show because he beat Rihanna. James Charles has gained back all of the followers he lost after being called out by Tati Westbrook in April 2019. And it seems like nothing has been learned or lost.

At worst, cancel culture is just cyberbullying people for making mistakes instead of taking the time to actually educate them on why what they’ve done is wrong. As we look back on these offensive Halloween costumes worn by our favorite stars, let’s remember that we’ve all made stupid decisions. Maybe not as stupid as Scott Disick dressing up as a sheik for laughs, but stupid nonetheless. Let’s look at these truly ridiculous lapses in judgment as a learning opportunity and never, ever replicate them.

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