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Justin Bieber’s Mom Just Dragged Him On Twitter For His New Shaved Head

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Justin Bieber's Mom Shades Him on Twitter Haircut


As many of you probably know by now, former tweener Justin Bieber chopping off his locks after vowing not to made headlines this morning. While some were saddened to see JB with a fresh cut, someone who’s happy to see his newly shaved head is his mama, Pattie Mallette. His mother dearest took to Twitter to voice her happiness over the new lewk… and even insinuated that the ‘do was overdue!

“Thank you for cutting your hair,” the matriarch wrote on social media, complete with a crying-laughing emoji.

While we can assume that this is a comment all in good fun, there are some fans who have their doubts — because last we heard, Pattie and JB were going through a bit of a tough time after his engagement and subsequent marriage to Hailey Baldwin shortly after the two on-again-off-again lovebirds got back together.

Pattie removed Justin from her Twitter bio, which said “yes Justin Bieber is my son” for years and was suspiciously erased after news of his impending nuptials made headlines. She then ‘liked’ a comment by Bachelor star Sean Lowe, which was shading people who rush into getting hitched. After the two did tie the knot (legally, at least), she wrote, “Love is unconditional” on her Twitter account.

Her intentions behind this tweet are certainly a little questionable. But back to the haircut — Justin was last seen at a salon in NYC in August with his then-fiancée, who got him to nix his controversial mustache. Hails still hasn’t commented publicly on her man’s updated cut, making the person who inspired him to make the change unclear. JB showed off the look on an Instagram Story selfie and at Disney World’s Epcot. (He then shared the same selfie on Twitter because… obviously.)

And for those of you who don’t remember JB vowing not to chop off his hair, please take a look at the evidence:

Not gonna lie, it looks like most of the fans are glad that the “One Less Lonely Girl” singer had a change of heart. The hair was starting to look a little… unrefined. Plus, they say getting a haircut makes it easier for your hair to grow, anyways, so he can always grow his hair down to his toes now that he’s starting fresh.

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