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Does Kylie Jenner’s Outfit To Hailey Baldwin & Justin Bieber’s Wedding Break Etiquette?

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People think Kylie Jenner showed-up Hailey Baldwin-Bieber at her own wedding and it’s causing a bit of a stir. Kylie shared her wedding lewk with Instagram followers, which included a sparkling gold ball gown with revealing cleavage cut-outs, and high thigh slit. No one’s arguing that Kylie looked fine as hell, but some think she broke wedding etiquette by wearing such a show-stopping dress to someone else’s big day.

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“If [someone] came to my wedding dressed like this I legit wouldn’t get married,” one commenter wrote on the Instagram picture. Another wrote, “Didn’t she wear this to a weeding? Dam all the Kardashian’s want to the spotlight on them even when the occasion is not even About them [sic].”

The wedding etiquette conversation was taken to Twitter, too, with someone saying “the general unspoken rule for weddings is don’t wear anything that could ‘upstage’ the bride.”

Sister Kendall Jenner wore a much more wedding-appropriate (but still sexy!) gown to the Bieber wedding, though she was still the center of attention with rumors she was dating her escort. She set the record straight on Instagram with a mirror pic. “[We] don’t date he’s just my date,” she captioned the photo.

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we don’t date he’s just my date ?

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According to TMZ, Kylie and BF/baby dad Travis Scott are currently on a break, so Kylie maybe just wanted to be feelin’ herself, especially because going to a wedding while you’re going through a breakup sucks. Still, we wonder how Hailey Baldwin, the bride, felt about Kylie’s look as a wedding guest.

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