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The 20 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Birthday Gifts

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Kim Kardashian’s Burger Kings

Kanye West regularly gives his wifey Kim Kardashian the gift of more money — and we’re not just talking gift cards. Although it technically was more of a wedding present than a birthday gift, we were shook by Ye’s genius gift of ten Burger King branches for his new wife. Kim will be raking in dough from locations across the UK, Italy, and France, NME learned, matching Kanye’s multiple Chicago Fatburger franchises. For a 2017 Christmas gift, Kanye took the phrase “stocking stuffers” a little serious by giving Kim a box of gift cards to Netflix and Amazon, Adidas socks, a Mickey Mouse toy, and Apple airpods: each item representing a company Kanye had bought Kim stock, including $100,000 worth of shares in Disney.

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