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Taylor Swift’s Style Evolution In Photos

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Taylor Swift is a fashion icon. Period. You might have felt this way since she burst onto the scene as a young country singer with her guitar (and teardrops). Taylor Swift’s style evolution has come a long way since “Teardrops on My Guitar” in 2006. (Not to mention that she has grown with her music, love life, and squad.)

It’s always fun to look back at throwback photos of celebrities. It’s even more fun when we’re discussing fashion. “The Archer” singer’s music video ensembles, red carpet outfits, and street style have always been admired by fans. But, you might feel a bit different about seeing some of the older looks compared to Taylor’s style game now. Do we still love the older stuff? Absolutely, because it is T-Swift we’re talking about, you guys. And we appreciate it all from curly hair and cowboy boots to the beanie phase to ruffles everything. Keep scrolling to see Taylor Swift’s style evolution in all its glory.

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