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20 Celebrity Tattoos We Would *Totally* Get

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Hailey Baldwin’s Tiny Diamond

Hailey Baldwin (or should we say Hailey Baldwin Bieber) debuted this teeny-tiny tattoo in February 2019, an elegant diamond behind her ear near where Ariana Grande placed her crescent moon. Hailey’s ink came from the undisputed king of miniature tats, Jonathan “JonBoy” Valena. One adventurous Byrdie writer found the tattoo artist favored by Hailey, Zayn Malik and celeb BFF Kendall Jenner has a $300 minimum, and she was charged $450 for a two-inch sprig of lavender. Honestly, if a tattoo really lasts forever, you’re probably better off ponying up some major dough for the best artist money can buy.

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