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20 Celebrity Tattoos We Would *Totally* Get

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Shay Mitchell’s Coachella Ink

Coolest Celebrity Tattoos

Instagram/ShayMitchell via Seventeen

Tattoos can be a tribute to something deeply meaningful that takes weeks (or even years!) to meticulously plan. But they can also be split-second decisions that end up commemorating a beautiful moment (or drunken mistakes that end up getting removed… nothing lasts forever!). If you’re going to get a spontaneous tattoo because you’re young, wild, and free, follow Shay Mitchell‘s lead and get some adorable ink from the tiny tattoo king JonBoy at Coachella Weekend One, the artistic center of the universe. We’re guessing her inventive placement will fade like other hand tattoos, but it’s subtle and adorable, and we kind of need one.

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