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20 Unconventional Celebrity Engagement Rings To Drool Over

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Raise your hand if you could look at engagement rings all day? It doesn’t matter whether you are single, engaged (or hoping to be), or hitched. Who doesn’t love to admire bling? Celebrity engagement rings in particular are always fun to admire. We might not be able to ever afford a ring (or even half of a ring) like the ones these stars have, but we can appreciate them — especially since a lot of the designs are custom-made and unique designs.

Celebs aren’t afraid to go outside of the (ring) box with colored stones, unique settings, different cuts, and surprise materials. Unique celebrity engagement rings give us inspo for our engagement rings or general jewelry designs. At the very least, they provide us with something to drool over besides Riverdale actors. Even if some of the rings aren’t exactly your taste, you can probably appreciate them on a design level, right? Not to mention the monetary value. Here are 20 unique celebrity engagement rings to obsess about.

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