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20 Unconventional Celebrity Engagement Rings To Drool Over

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Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham ring with blue stone


Victoria Beckham is a celebrity who sets the trends rather than follows them. And she has definitely done things her own way with her engagement rings. Yes, rings. It is reported that the fashion designer has 14(!!!) engagement rings and counting. It doesn’t seem that ridiculous when you consider that she and husband David Beckham celebrated 20 years of marriage in 2019. Does it? Given that she has such a collection, the Spice Girl has had the chance to experimental. Although, we should note her very first engagement ring was more traditional. It was a marquise-cut diamond with gold band. In 2007, she got a gargantuan emerald in a spiral platinum setting. She continued the colored gemstone trend in 2009 with an oval-cut ruby followed by an oval-cut sapphire in 2010 (pictured). One of the most recent rings to be added to the collection was a square-cut yellow diamond from 2018. We wonder what is next.

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