8 Power Blazers That Will Make You Feel Like A Boss

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Best Power Blazers Shopping Guide

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You know that you have found an amazing item of clothing when you put it on and it makes you feel amazing. It could make you feel confident, cool, inspired, or like you’re feeling yourself. A good power blazer can do all of those things and more. (That is why it has been nicknamed a “power blazer.”) It is partly why blazers have become even more popular and shed their boring “have to wear it because I’m going to work” connotation.

There’s no denying the confidence boost a killer pair of shoes or a gorgeous dress can give you. But, there is something about blazers with their tailoring, sharp shoulders, and well-cut seams that slay. The design of the jacket can vary slightly, but the impact is still the same. To show you what we mean, we’ve rounded up some great options to wear to the office and when you’re off the clock. Scroll down to see eight power blazers that will make you feel like the successful, stylish #bossbabe we know you are — no matter where you fall on the career ladder.

Missguided Orange Co-ord Check Oversized Blazer

Best Power Blazers Missguided Orange Co-ord Check Oversized Power Blazer

Be honest with us: Are you someone who still finds blazers to be a little, well, frumpy? Hopefully this power blazer will change your mind. Just look at how fun and joyful the design is, you guys. It is part of a set with the matching bralette and belted mini skirt. It is best to save the full lewk for weekends, unless you work at a place where you can wear pretty much anything. For more restricted dress codes, imagine the colorful blazer with a white blouse and black or navy trousers. The ensemble will look so chic, but it will still have plenty of personality.

Buy it now from Missguided for $64!

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