8 Power Blazers That Will Make You Feel Like A Boss

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Urban Renewal Vintage Oversized Check Wool Blazer

Urban Renewal Vintage Oversized Check Wool Power Blazer

If you are trying to make more environmentally conscious decisions with your fashion choices, you will like this power blazer. First of all, it has the classic windowpane check that adds some interest, but it is still very versatile. Secondly, these are vintage pieces curated by the Urban Renewal team. That also means that each one is unique and that the stock is limited. So, grab a jacket while you can. The sizing is slightly different from a lot of blazers. Buyers select between “S/M” and “M/L” options. If you sometimes find jackets to be restricting, you will appreciate the more relaxed sizing.

Buy it now from Urban Outfitters for $59!

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