15 Accessories Every Early ’00s Emo Kid Wore Back In The Day

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If you were once an emo kid, filled to the brim with teenage angst and far too many emotions, the chances are that you look back on photos from your past and cringe. What were we thinking?! All black everything, hair bleached and dyed off of our heads, black panda eyes and far too much pale foundation — it was truly a sight to be seen.

If you were as emo as you say you were, you only shopped at Hot Topic or merch sites and your accessory collection was far bigger than any of your non-emo friends. Most of us reformed emo kids have grown up, opted for a more diverse color palette when it comes to fashion, and broadened our store selection, but why not enjoy a blast from the past and check out all the accessories you definitely had in your wardrobe back in the early noughties?

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