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16 Times Fashion Nova Was Slammed For Ripping Off Its Designs

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The Marley Love Cover Up

Fashion Nova has been called out for being colorist by influencer Jackie Aina, but their shadiness towards black people goes beyond excluding darker fit models from their site. FN has ripped off multiple designs from black designers like Luci Wilden, the crochet artist behind the boutique fashion brand Knots & Vibes. Luci noticed the copycat dress in January 2019 and took to her IG to note that the design was the same “detail for detail.” Fashion Nova responded to her complaint by shifting the blame to the fashion wholesalers that they buy their products from, even though they had a very different story when speaking on how they were inspired by Kim Kardashian in February.

Support the original artist and buy Luci’s “Skin Out Dress — Rasta” for $100 on Knots & Vibes.

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