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16 Times Fashion Nova Was Slammed For Ripping Off Its Designs

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Kloset Envy’s Snakeskin Dress

Not long after Fashion Nova’s not-so-stealthy recon on Jai’s Black Nadia hoodie, the brand blocked Jai on Instagram, which definitely doesn’t scream, “I’m guilty!” or anything. Less than a year later, in February 2019, Jai saw *another* dress on Fashion Nova’s website that she found eerily similar to one she sold on her Kloset Envy site. Jai called out Fashion Nova in an IG post for “paying the culture to promote [them]” while stealing black designer’s work.

Kloset Envy no longer sells this dress on their site, but you can buy other dope looks like this Venom Red Mini Dress for $58.

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