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16 Times Fashion Nova Was Slammed For Ripping Off Its Designs

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Noorvana’s Ruffle Set

Fashion Nova Rip-Offs

Fashion Nova

IG influencer and crochet darling n00rvana had her handmade design allegedly jacked by Fashion Nova in February 2019, and it’s not even a *good* replication. At least with the Black Nadia hoodie, it looked like the FN was kind of trying, but this knit crop can’t hold a candle to the crocheted original. The ruffles lack bounce, it holds no shape, and putting it in red doesn’t make it original, Richard. n00rvana called the copycat out on Twitter but hasn’t done much else to confront the fast fashion brand.

n00rvana is currently in the process of relaunching her site, but check out her IG for updates @n00rvana.

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