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16 Times Fashion Nova Was Slammed For Ripping Off Its Designs

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The Lookin’ Good Velvet Maxi Dress

Selangie Arlene is best known for her super sexy tinikini swimwear designs through the Sel Doval brand, but Fashion Nova still managed to (allegedly) rip-off a floor-length custom gown the designer showed off on Instagram. Sel tweeted that she was in correspondence with Fashion Nova, with her contact reassuring her that “management and [her] are speaking to our buyers right now,” but the dress is still on Fashion Nova’s website seven months later. This isn’t the last time Selangie had to deal with fast-fashion jacking her style — she said (again via Twitter) that Oh Polly ripped off her signature micro-bikini in April 2019.

Check out Selangie’s designs on sel-doval.com.

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