16 Cutest Friends Outfits & Where You Can Copy The Looks Today

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Phoebe’s Moose Sweater

Friends Style Phoebe Moose Sweater


If you’re a lover of slightly ironic, throwback fashion, you will be obsessed with Phoebe’s moose sweater. If you didn’t fully appreciate the sweater the first time you watched Friends, now is the time to copy the look. FYI: We’re calling it a “moose sweater” so you can wear it way beyond Christmas. The holiday vibes in the Fantigo Doker Christmas Reindeer Pullover Sweater really aren’t that strong. You could also find a brilliant vintage knit with some thorough searching. Phoebe would definitely approve of you recycling fashion and not totally destroying the environment. If you’re in a real vintage mood, fasten a ponytail with a scrunchie.

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