16 Cutest Friends Outfits & Where You Can Copy The Looks Today

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Monica’s Soft Yellow Jacket And Beige Pants

Friends Style Monica Pale Yellow Jacket Beige Button Pants


One of the brilliant things about Friends style is that the ladies demonstrated how to wear basic pieces in a cool, minimalist way. You might already have similar styles in your current wardrobe to this white T-shirt, beige pants, and pastel jacket combination. Don’t feel that you need to have a pale goldenrod yellow jacket to make the look work. You’d still slay with any other color. If you insist on having the full Monica look, try the Boohoo Mustard Cropped Oversized Denim Jacket. We know you already own the white T-shirt. If you want to buy something else, try a button fly with these similar beige pants: Capulet Imogen Cropped Ruffle Jeans.

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