16 Cutest Friends Outfits & Where You Can Copy The Looks Today

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Rachel’s Black Tied Blouse And Skirt

Friends Style Rachel Black Cropped Blouse


Even before she was working in fashion, Rachel always had an effortless minimalist sense of style. Her tied black cropped blouse with coordinating skirt was fun then and the separates are just as trendy right now. You likely already have a flippy black mini in your wardrobe. If not, pick up a cute version like this Aqua Flippy Flounce Skirt. Then all you need is the blouse. A long-sleeved style with full hem would still work because you’re cuffing the sleeves and tying the hem. This Topshop Double Pocket Utility Shirt will get you plenty of mileage. It looks good no matter how it’s styled.

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