16 Cutest Friends Outfits & Where You Can Copy The Looks Today

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Joey’s Layered Jackets

Friends Style Joey Layered Jackets Sweat Pants


What, you thought that Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel were the only ones ladies could draw fashion inspiration from? Come on, that is being restrictive. The guys are a great source of normcore style inspiration. If baggy khaki pants and button-downs aren’t your bag, try something more directional like Joey Tribbiani‘s (Matt Le Blanc) layered look. Joey wasn’t making a fashion statement as much as he was trying to wear all of Chandler Bing‘s (Matthew Perry) clothes as a revenge ploy. But, it became #fashion and a look from the Balenciaga Fall 2018 fashion show bears a striking resemblance to Joey’s outfit. Use the cold weather as a perfect opportunity to show off your layering skills. Or, try a more streamlined approach with a layered-look jacket like the Cole Haan Bib Insert Down & Feather Fill Coat.

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